Thursday, July 9, 2009

Itz My Birfday

It was my birthday some time back (that shouldn’t be news, I guess on a number of occasions I have pointed out that I am a cancerian!). No, please don’t comment and wish me a belated happy bday right now if you didnt wish me already :P, the intention of this post is not to gather belated wishes! I don’t like publicizing my birthday and want it to be a very small private day for myself with very near and dear ones. Most people I know want to celebrate it with as many people as possible, they don’t mind celebrating it even with strangers, as long as there are lots of people. Although I am in general a “people” loving person, love parties, crowds, people, but just for my bday, I like keeping it low key. So I like it when I spend it with the people who are closest to me, and am happy when just a few handful who are close to me remember and wish me. And I don’t get offended when people don’t remember my bday. For the simple reason that I don’t remember theirs :). But every bday it is very interesting to find out the people who remember and wish me and the people who don’t, because of the huge variations.

So the regular ones, the ones closest to me, wished me this year as well, like always. I am lucky that way. I expect few, very very few people to wish me. And I have never been disappointed. When others wish me, I am amused at the thought that they remembered. I have had fights and tiffs with most of my friends because I have not remembered their bdays. Most of them (nearly all the girls) get extremely angry when I forget their birthdays. It doesn’t stop me, however, from forgetting it the next year again :P. What amuses me though, is that they never ever seem to remember mine :). I don’t mind, really, for me its just another day. But I just cant help smiling at the irony. More interesting however was when some "acquaintances" pinged me and talked to me for quite some time without realizing it was my birthday. I was wondering if I should tell them and make them feel miserable, then thought WTF, Itz My Birfday, I shoudnt be naugfty :P.

So everyone asked me, what did you do on your bday? And my answer is, nothing. Nothing special that is. I like it that way. In general I am an obnoxiously self-obsessed, self-admiring, self back-patting, ego-centric Reggie Mantle kind of creature. But on my birthday, I like things to be simple. Nothing grand, nothing extra-ordinary. And so I don’t know what to tell people when they ask me how I celebrated my birthday. I woke up, was wished by a few near and dear ones, and then wished by a few not-so-near-and-dear ones. I worked from home. I am very secretive about my birth date, so I made sure nobody at work knew (I find it a bit awkward when people I know professionally are forced to wish me!) I spent the day with My Best Friend (MBF). We had planned to go out for lunch, but we had already eaten out the previous night, and so on request, MBF made me some nice home cooked lunch. We then went to the temple, like I have done every year. Not because I am religious, but just because it is very peaceful, and I have now done it for so many years that its like a habit. For dinner, I had an important dinner meeting with a senior director on the client side, and my account Vice President. The dinner was critical, and I couldn’t cancel it. And so I ended up at Grill ( Theme restaurant, exotic food, expensive wine, and no enjoyment. That’s another irony of life, when I go to these really expensive places for client dinners. The bill comes upto more than 800 SEK (roughly Rs 5000) per head, and I realize I have hated the food so much that I am tempted to go back and have proper dinner at home. I guess I am still very desi at heart!

And keeping up with my resolution to re emphasize the “definition of blogging” here’s a blog of another Cancerian. Its eerie what she says about Cancerian bloggers.. why do I feel that a lot of my Cancer friends who blog will be a bit taken aback ;) Check this one out:
Matter-of-fact writing style. Reminds me of MBF. I wonder if Wishes Galore and MBF would hit it off real well if they got together!!
A pic of the restaurant, even if the food wasn’t good, the ambience certainly was :).

Grill picture:


  1. budday boy :) i also went to a temple on my bday... first time in (mind it) 26 years. I was with my TBH (to be husband) - it was a nice experience. And oh i like it balck no cream :D

  2. belated happy birthday:)in turn you can wish me the same;))..i took leave from office that day and had lunch with a friend and then in evening with 2 of my friends have a small cake party at home :)
    hey the first paragraph is exactly me with a little difference that it does make me sad when somebody i expect to, doesnt wish me.

    thanks for the link and your sweet words:))

  3. @Iya: Amazing, I never thot I would hear you say TBH. lol.

    @Wishes: Is this also a Cancer thing, having low key bdays with close friends? Even I get sad when someone I expect doesnt wish me, but I expect VERY few people to wish me :) A Happy Belated bday to you too!

    Merlin >> wonders why only cancerian bloggers are reading this :)

  4. hey, i am gemini:))
    once again, sorry i forget that day.. it is trange cos i remember numbers a lot.. and bdays and people too.. it was very hectic time.. maybe that's why..

    anyway, black for me.. no cream;)

  5. We still would like to wish you a very happy b'day!

  6. have added you in my blog-roll..hope its fine with you:))

  7. @Shura: Stop using anon and start using your name :) Its ok for you to forget, it was a tough time for you that time

    @Jas: Thanks for your wishes!

    @Wishes: I am flattered!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday :)
    God bless you :)

  9. Looks like I am stalking you today... its funny my birthday is coming up next Monday - I am not looking forward to it all.. like AT ALL.. Getting another year older is hitting me pretty hard this year - I have never had this problem in any of my other birthdays... and what really sucks about my birthday this year is that I'll have no one wish me, I mean no one's going to wish me face to face.. that makes me sound like such a loser, doesn't it..and I can't believe I am confessing this on the web. I guess that's the good part about anonymous blogging..