Friday, May 1, 2009

I blog, therefore I am..

The line is borrowed. So I will not take credit for it. Someone asked me what my interests are. I said blogging. So he said, ah, so you write on a blog? I said yes I do, but even if I didnt I could still say that. That my interest was blogging. My audience was confused. So I explained. Blogging is not only about writing blogs. It is also about reading blogs. There are people who only read blogs. They like it and for them it is an interest. My audience was still confused. So I said, you dont have to be an author to enjoy a good book. Similarly, you can be a blog reader, but might not write on one. The frown on my audience's face remained. I realized that this is a case of multiple intellectual sclerosis. And I gave up. The guy in question thinks I am a random guy with crazy definitions. Everyone is someone else's wierdo. I have my own set of 'someone else's'. I can learn to live with that.
Resolution: I will promote the overlooked aspect of blogging. That of reading blogs. Sometimes I come across an interesting one. I will include it in my post. For the benefit of those who read blogs. The first one to be included is at the bottom of this post. Every blog does not have to be fancy. Some can be simple. There is a mother in Canada who blogs. She only writes about her two kids. The variety is amazing. Are you someone who only writes blogs and does not read any? Then you are a... umm... Lets not talk about it.
It has been a leisure weekend. I want to catch up on my lazing around. It is very important for me. And knowing of the hectic times coming up ahead (Read HERE about my travel plans in the coming month), I want to relax. Sounds funny. Catching up on lazing around. But to me its important. Participated in a volleyball tournament today. Lost. Did not play well. I am not exactly proud of my game right now. Have to improve. Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. And while we are at it, one more. I shall join a rigorous gym regime. My office is being shifted to a new part of Stockholm. There is a fancy company gym 100 metres from my work place. Hence the new resolution. I shall also endeavor to restart playing table tennis. I am just looking for a partner.

And heres the first blog referral. Read the blog HERE .
Why this? For one I like the description:
"I write here only about myself. I know I am a narcissist.(There shall be a lot of grammatical errors. Don't point them out to me. I am not keen n losing my self confidence at present. )"
Also like the profile About Me section.
The name of the profile is Olive Oyl. About Me says simply "Popeyed. I wear specs."

I learn. Therefore I am. I try to learn from everyone around. My seniors, in age, profession and intellect. My peers. Also my juniors, they have a hell lot to teach. We always underestimate our juniors. Someone told me that my style of writing is very complex. I write long sentences. I derive sub sentences and go on and on. I use complicated conclusions. I wander in my thoughts. I agree. There is a beauty in simplicity, I have not been able to imbibe it in writing. And that is the reason why I liked the blog above. This girl writes short sentences. And makes a big impact. Compare her About Me with mine. There is a stark difference. I am proud to be me. I wouldnt change for a million dollars. But it doesnt stop me from appreciating others. And learning from others. So here is a 18 year old student (school? college?) who has taught this 27 year old "veteran" management postgraduate something about writing. I have tried to be different in this post. And have tried to write in a different way. No, I do not want to change. I am what I am. (So damn.. Thats a quote from the Lou Bega song Tricly Tricky :) ) Just want to experiment. It is fun to experiment. Else it gets boring. And me does not like boring. Hence the short sentences in this post :).

Interesting follow on from my last post: How does a cancerian travel? By hating the journey and enjoying the destination. And trying to recreate his "home" everwhere. How does a Gemini blog? By changing her blog template every 2 days, her blog every 4 days and her content every week. No exaggerations. I am a Cancerian.

Photo Reference: Taken by a friend on my camera. This is todays volleyball tournament, a small victorious moment and some action.


  1. No load ;)
    but my sister complains at the age of 28 that i write long sentences. (i'll show her this post and the victory shall be mine. *evil laughter*)there is something with 25+ people with the length of sentences i guess. ;)

  2. I am made to feel too young for my job everyday.. and just with two words "25+ people" you have made me sound as old as ever... grrrrr....

  3. ok, you are just a 25+ overgrown adolescent. May your youth rest in peace :p
    happy? ;)

    pardon my smileys. i am a just-out-of-school kid so i have got a right to be tacky :|

  4. Nice combination...;))))