Saturday, May 23, 2009

Copy Cat

Someone copied my last post about my Manchester experience without any reference links. I randomly ran Copyscape and it pointed me to the link. I was furious, and then had a close look at the webpage. And very soon I was rolling with laughter. It was the most hillarious thing ever. Whoever this person was had used a random software for word substitution and had ended up creating a masterpiece. Heres an example:

ORIGINAL TEXT "My google status reads "Parents, relatives, home cooked food, summer in Stockholm and a planned trip to Switzerland.. the best combination :)". Nothing cheers me up as much as family."
COPIED TEXT: "My google importance reads “Parents, relatives, exclusive cooked nourishment, summer in Stockholm and a planned disconcert to Switzerland.. the most seemly aggregation large-hearted:)”. Nothing cheers me up as much as kids."

For more amusement please read the copied stuff HERE. Please join me in congratulating this most creative person, who has mastered the process of screwing up the art of copying :). Although I admit that the purpose of the blog and the copying activity eludes me.

I have taken a lot of people around Stockholm when they have come to visit, and been the committed tour guide quite a few times. To the extent that I have started shying away from such trips. But I absolutely enjoyed showing the city to my parents, it was more a treat for me than them. There are some days we cherish, todays time spent with my parents was one of those. I only wish they had more time in Sweden for me to take them around :).

I leave for Zurich on Monday, will be back on Friday. So more from me then!


  1. that plagiarist has blocked the option of posting comments to his blog :p and he aven wrote 'merlin's world'. what a guy! i could hardly comprehend what he wrote but when i compared them with your post i found it hilarious! i've posted the links to a few of my friends :p

  2. Moral of the story, for the benefit of my dear plagiarist: "Software can help you automate most things in life, but it cannot replace the human mind when it comes to Blogging. So DONT use software if you wanna blog" :).

  3. you are someone who always writes the source of a picture or anything that is not creatively yours in the blog, and to happen to you, seemed very very funny, at least for me :p

  4. eeiiikkkkkssss! What a loser!
    I like the pic though...kinda reminds me of one of the vodafone zoozoo ads for phone back-up! I wonder if you've seen them!

  5. 2 of my posts were copied verbatim by a site and they didn't even bother to mention my name..I just sent them a simple mail requesting them to remove my posts immediately. oh yes, this was written on a word file containing my firm header and footer :P