Saturday, May 9, 2009

Short Attention Span?

Pic reference: Check it out, its got some really funny ones :)

Someone told me I had a very short attention span. It was not a very flattering thing, my job requires me to be a very good listener, at meetings, at conferences, at presentations or just for my clients. No, short attention spans wont do in a client facing role in Europe. Meetings can be boring, professional lectures can seem like they are aimed to cure insomnia. But one needs to be attentive and sharp. And so I denied my "Short Attention Span Syndrome" for a long time. Recently I was talking to momma about something and my attention wandered and she sighed and said in a giving-up tone "Of course, you have always had a short attention span". So I guess I have to give in. Moms and wives (after they have known you for a long enough period) are usually never wrong about such observations. I realize I have trained myself to be alert and attentive professionally because its a part of my job, and for me it is a cultivated skill. But it is only limited to my professional life. In real life I do have a short attention span.

The SASS (Short Attention Span Syndrome, discovered by a wise man who runs a blog called Merlins world) usually affects people who have symptoms of the Restlessness H20N20 virus. No vaccinations are known and treatment is usually not known to work for severe cases. It spills over to nearly all facets of life and affects behavior severly.

I have phases for everything. And then I move on. It might seem a slight contradiction to my crabby zodiac, but not actually. I will cling on to people, relationships, jobs, cities, cars, bikes and apartments. But for other entities like hobbies, interests, internet behavior and other trivialities of life, I will move on. And it makes me wonder if blogging was also a phase. I am already losing interest. I find it more interesting to read blogs. Maybe I am just lazy. Maybe I dont find the creative independence because I cannot write about people, and I think most about them. I write and I cannot put it on the blog for fear of offending people. Not right. I dont want to offend people, but I also want to write.. solution stop blogging and start writing on more personal space. Shall think about it.

Remembered something really funny. Back during B School days, I was once in the middle of an assignment listening to Geri Halliwell, a long time favorite. One of the guys (the types who "claim" to be a good friend) passing by peeped in and said "I cant believe you are listening to girlie songs like that! Next you will be listening to the girl bands. Dude, be a man". I was too shocked to respond. I didnt know you could be chauvanistic about music. Some men I have come across will do anything to assert their masculinity, maybe because they feel insecure about it (?). Wonder if this dude knows that Timbaland and Timberlake were making music with Nelly, Madonna and Kerry Hilson? And if he ever saw Madonna perform live, I am sure it will shut him up forever. Cmmon, which kinda guy will not like Geri Haliwell in those cute shorts driving an air mobile (or whatever she drives in that Scream video)? Ok ok... I know thats like a century back, but which kinda guy will not find Britneys Circus catchy? I heard even the gay men think Britney is looking hot in Womanizer :). Why did I think of this today? Because the gentleman in question got married and I was going through his pics. I hope he lets his wife play Beyonce at home!
Songs of the day:
Nickelback: I wanna be a Rockstar (Get a front door key to the Playboy Mansion!)
Kid Rock: Sweet Home Alabama (She was anything but in between!)
Geri Halliwell: Scream if you wanna.. (Gimme some, gimme some gasoline)

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