Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kids and Travel

Lately I have been interacting a lot with people in the age group 21 to 23 years. Trying to understand their problems, trying to give them advice about their post adolescence issues. I realize it is a very delicate age.. and at that age people are very vulnerable. Everyone assumes that you are an adult and that you can take your own decisions. You are pushed into the adult world and are expected to fend for yourself. But you are new to the whole game. New job, job politics, nasty boss, tax filings, girlfriend wanting to get promoted to wife or boyfriend not wanting to commit long term. Marriage might be looming big on the cards, and a sudden realization that there is a world which is much bigger and larger and nastier than the college you studied in. It isn’t a very long time back I was there, so I know :). And I also know how close I came to making mistakes. Decisions you take at that age determine how you live the rest of your life.

The elderly tend to underestimate the post adolescence issues. I think that’s wrong. I try to be as much of a help as my job and schedule allow me to. My cousin, who is more of a dear brother to me than a cousin, is buying a car. He has decided to buy an Alto. I tried to persuade him to buy a Santro but it is out of his budget, he got his first job about a year back. He is determined not to take help from anyone and buy the car with his own money. I asked him to at least go for a higher model, you just cannot drive without power steering on Bangalore roads. I said I will be more than happy to pay the balance for the upgrade. My dear cousin declined, he settled to increase his loan amount and upgrade. I remember the time when he was in school, and I had tried to explain to him why he should study in a college where he got through by merit rather than go to a fancy college on a management paid seat. I think he has got the message. I am proud of him. And I hope that the youth of the country becomes more responsible and honest like him.

Also had some long interesting conversations with a young lady who was on the verge of deciding on a life partner within the system of arranged marriage. She declined the offer, and I think she did the right thing. I think she deserves much much better. The only problem is that she doesn’t realize it. SIGH.

Follow up from my last post. Ms. Anonymous commented that she has been to 14 countries. I was very interested in knowing which ones, so here they are: usa, serbia, slovenia, croatia, spain, france, italy, portugal, austria, holland, greece, turkey, hungary, Macedonia. (usa - 2 times, italy - 4 times, greece - many times)

As she rightly put it, it is not a big deal to visit numerous countries in Europe. You don’t need a visa and its all accessible via cheap airlines and low budget hotels. Most are safe for tourists. Ummm… but then how many people in India have visited more than 3-4 states, not for business or education, but for vacations? So, it still counts to have visited so many countries. I think I have visited and/or stayed in 10 states in India. But considering there are 35 states, I have covered just a quarter. But I was a student most of the time I was in India, I have promised myself that I will travel around when I am back.
When I came to Europe, I had a wishlist of the countries/cities I wished to visit. Here is the list, merged with the countries I have already visited:
1. France - Done, but want to explore the smaller cities once again
2. Italy - Done, but want to do one more trip to Venice
3. Czech Republic - Done
4. Holland - Done
5. Finland - Done
6. Estonia - Done
7. Sweden - I live here, but theres lots to explore, and its on the cards
8. Denmark - Done
9. Latvia - Done

1. UK: Planned for next week
2. Switzerland: Planned this month
3. Greece: Certainly the next destination to be planned
4. Norway: Its SO near and I still havent gone there, shame on me
5. Egypt: They say its over rated, but I so want to see the pyramids!
6. USA: Not very keen, but have sooo many friends there, so maybe one day would like to see the famous US of A
7. Iran: Have been hearing a lot about it, would want to go there

In India:
1. Jaipur: I have always regretted not having the time/money/energy to go here. I now have a friend who lives there, hence its the next destination
2. Ooty: I know its a touristy place, but still, I would like to go to one of the isolated resorts away from the touristy hustle bustle
3. Kerala: I have been there, but want a prolonged trip to the backwaters
4. Darjelling: Once again, have been there, but its BEAUTIFUL, so a revisit HAS to be planned

Did I talk about the Travelling Crab who doesn’t want to travel. Cmmon, don’t tell me you believed it, did you? Of course I was kidding! :)

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  1. talking about only India, our wishlist is almost same. additionally, I wanna visit pondicherry, Kanyakumari and Kashmir..Jaipur trip may materialize this year or early next year..let's see :)