Monday, July 20, 2009

A bad day..

After having glorified my new apartment in my mind, I am now feeling the negative impacts of staying so far away from my workplace. Travelling more than one hour to reach is not a pleasant thing and I need to get used to it. One cannot have a great apartment, live in central Stockholm AND have less travel time. SIGH! Music shalt be my savior on my trip to work :).

I spoke too soon about the lack of work, today was a day of escalations. Hence not the best of days. But it’s a pleasure coming back to such an amazing apartment, it compensates for everything :).

Some moronic people are stalking me (yes, at last I am a celebrity), hence comments will be disabled till the stalker loses patience and finds something better to do :). I even talked to a very good lawyer friend of mine, who said “Get the IPs and just give it to me and I will sue them out of their minds” but what the hell, in all probability its some kid who has nothing better to do, so I wont do anything till the kid decides to continue. Most people forget that there is nothing called “Anonymous” on the internet anymore. It takes very few tools and a few minutes to track down anyone’s IP, ones location, the OS and the web browser being used, the city and even the exact computer. Being in the IT world gives one visibility to such things and its strange how most people do not know about this and believe that you can still be anonymous. So keep this in mind the next time you think of doing something fishy anonymously on the internet :) !

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