Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Trough...

I dont believe in writing about the miseries of life. They don’t do anyone any good. Neither to the people who read the stuff nor to me when I read it later. I don’t want to remember how things sucked or how miserable I felt at some point of life. I want to be the one who picks the beautiful moments of my life and stores it in my memory and throws out all the bad moments which were painful.

But sometimes, just sometimes, it does me good to write when I am sad. For the moment it allows me to let the thoughts flow out. It’s like talking to someone, maybe a little bit better. I have friends I can talk to when I feel low, but sometimes I feel that writing does me more good than talking. And I tell myself that if life is about lows and highs, then while you are at a low, waiting for the push which will take you back up, you might as well pass the time with some writing.

I don’t think I want to record what makes me sad. It’s usually the small things of life, things which are irrelevant. The reasons don’t matter, the thoughts that result do. And maybe sometimes, but just sometimes, its ok to record them. There was a time when I used to think that though I am surrounded by a crowd of people who love me and care for me, I feel lonely because I am complex and nobody understands me. And I felt that till I met someone who felt exactly the same, and then another one and another one. Till the point when I thought that most people out there think exactly the same way. That it doesn’t matter how many people care for you and are close to you, it will be very few, or sometimes none that will understand you as well as you understand yourself. And for some, it is tough to even understand oneself.

I am a lucky guy. Not because I have the perfect life. Nobody has the perfect life. I have seen enough people and been close to enough friends to understand that. I believe that life is perfect in its imperfections. I am lucky because I have most things that matter to me. I have achieved all the targets I set for myself, and a lot of those that people close to me expected of me. I have a happy life, I have a girl who loves me as much as I love her, I have parents who adore me and are proud of me and I have a nice job which I enjoy, am addicted to and am successful at. To me these are the things that matter most. The big things in life. The things that make a difference. The things that I will remember a few years from now. The rest will fade out.

I have my own ways of cheering myself up when I am in the dumps... I have a quote from my other blog which describes one of these ways….
“There are some things which are as important for your sustenance as water and air... there are some things you live by, and die for. For me, words are that important. I can live through the worst of situations, the worst of nightmares, the most horrid things by just reading some words... yes I know its bizarre... but thats what keeps me going ....”

I have recorded some of these words I keep falling back on in another blog which I started some time back.. these are words that have sustained me through the worst of times… and there is a video as well.. Sometime, when you have a few moments to spare, take a look at the video, when I am at a low, this video has helped push me to my next high on more occasions than one, so have a look, maybe it will do you some good too!!

Here’s the link to the blog: the first post there (posted today) is for the video and has the video link: Click here to view Merlins Alternate World .

So let me go watch the video and get pepped up, and soon I’ll be back.. with some positive things to tell you about :).
Quote of the Day:
“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”
- Gautam Buddha

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  1. Haha Baz Luhrman's Sunscreen has been my anthem since sooo looong,,, I dont even remember now..when I heard it first.

    i like the quote !