Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Evening Walk in Stockholm

Took a really pleasant evening walk yesterday with my best friend.

Heres a snapshot of the places we walked by. I am no photographer unlike some of my dear friends.

Camera specifics: An old worn out Nokia phone camera 2 Megapixels
Cameraman: A man with a sharp eye for beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the cameraman, and not in the lens of the camera.

Spring in full bloom... the vibrant pink colors covering the trees was amazing. And it matched so perfectly with the blue of the sky at dusk. God was surely a fashion designer before He (or is it She?) became God :)

The fountains were speaking a language of their own... mirroring the color and joy that Springs brings with its flowers and beautiful weather!

The perfect road for a pleasant evening walk, made more pleasant with wonderful company!

The Royal Theatre, more beautiful than most other buildings in Stockholm... looking pretty with the Golden toppings. Plan to see a show here sometime..

One of the more expensive apparel mega stores in Stockholm, if you have a lady friend/gf/wife in tow, the English translation of the above Swedish sign means, Warning, Keep Away :) !!


  1. Beautiful,the colors look so soothing that they strike a cord in ur heart !