Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy to be happy..

The happy phase continues. I have realized it is very important to state to ourselves and maybe to the people close to us that we are happy. I believe that we spend a lot of time mulling over the reasons and the times when we are sad, when we are upset and when we are disappointed. But we do not spend any time stating that we are happy. Even when we are moderately sad or upset we always express it.. "I am not in a good mood today".. "I am cranky this afternoon"... "What he said upset me".. very few people state when they are happy. There are people though that do that, and I admire them and aim to be like them.

The other day we were planning to go out for a fancy lunch at a nice joint some distance off which one of my married colleagues really looks forward to, as he does not get much of a chance to participate in such activities. However he got a call from his wife and we heard him say “No worries, I’ll be there ------ Its ok, I understand” and then he said, his wife is going out with some friends and he needs to pick up his kid so he cant join us. One of my pretty blonde team mate said “Your wife is a lucky lady”. My colleague smiled and said “You just made my day, I am glad that someone as attractive as you can think my wife is lucky!” The blonde lady blushed a deep shade of red.. My colleague was not flirting, knowing him really well, I know that he was just stating that something had made him happy. And that is the spirit. To tell oneself and others around you that you are happy. Believe me it does loads of good to you and people around you. And then you will no more have the complaint that the troughs in your life are so long and the crests are so short lived. The crests will seem longer when you will know and acknowledge that you are at the crest. I am happy that I am at the crest and will cherish the time I have there!!

Some of you asked me why I am happy. I can give you some random weird reasons, like its Easter, the work load has been less, the sun has been bright, the weather has been great…. But to be honest there is no one specific reason. I am happy about the smaller things in life, a lot of them. I have a happy life. I am lucky. I am happy that I am at the crest and will cherish the time I have there!! :)

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