Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Thoughts...

I like the way in which the creative flows into the mundane…
The way in which the imaginative trickles into the humdrum…
The way something as poetic as humor, merges with something as scientific as software.
I like the blend, the whole cocktail. I like the art in science, or the science in art
It is so unlikely…
Like a topaz in a sty, like laughter in a morgue,
Like no traffic on Bangalore MG Road…

But when you hear the tinkle of laughter on the floor of an IT company,
When you read poems in a technical newsletter,
When you find creative heads in an engineering company…
When you see artistic graffiti on the walls of a corporate office
You know its not all black and white…
Somewhere, deep inside there is color, a lot of it.

I have heard of CEOs writing poetry, CFOs performing Kathak,
I have heard of engineers becoming movie stars.
And now I also see I see graphic designers in call centers
Literary writers in IT companies…
Are there people who take the challenge of brightening up the dull weather?
Someone to splash some color on the blank canvases?

Someone who could throw a few words onto a paper,
And bring tears to your eyes…
Someone who could whisper a pun in your ears,
And make your sides split…
Some who could scribble a few pages,
And make hundreds lose themselves in an imaginary world…
Some one who could pen down a few thoughts,
And make you question your existence.

Someone from the land of those abstract thinkers, philosophers,
Who find Nirvana in the likes of photography…
Someone amongst the group of world travelers,
Who find romance in the ruins of a historic fort.

Someone who believed that creativity is not limited to an ad campaign.
But in making a screensaver look asthetic
Someone who believed that writing is not just about novels and poems.
But in getting across a simple thought to hundreds of minds with a single email.
Someone who could have gone to a Branding Consultant,
Or become a professional photographer, or a novelist…

There’s more to creativity than professionalism
There’s more to technology than just plain technology
IT can sometimes be better interpreted as Imaginative Technology
Its just that we need more people to fill in the imagination.

Heres a toast to those who bring color to the monotony of technology
The people who bother to animate the smileys in chat,
Put humor in application error messages..
Find innovative ways to write instructions for application use..
Make the internet world a little more interesting..

You add some spice to our ordinary life..

Nice lazy weekend... some good food and some relaxed time.. and a movie thrown in.. And while we are discussing food, I had a lot of it this weekend.. Pulao, Matar kachodi, Bengali chicken curry, Jackfruit curry, Chana Masala, Raita, Ras Malai, Fruit Ice Cream cocktail. Thanks to my bengali adda and my best friend :) !!

Quote of the weekend:

“- "I've been thinking Hobbes --"
- "On a weekend?"
- "Well, it wasn't on purpose..."”
From Calvin & Hobbes


  1. Thats a lot of food for one meal... nice!!!

  2. Two meals actually.. but one was just Pulao and Raita.. and the other was a bengali feast at a friends place The Ras Malai was made by yours truly.. :)

  3. Nice thoughts.. a different perspective to the IT life