Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Of God and of Happiness...

Sometimes when good things happen to you, you give the credit to yourself... saying that you were good hence… sometimes you say that you persevered long enough, and it paid off… sometimes you shrug and tell yourself that you just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and sometimes … you just believe in God.

I wouldn’t say I am an atheist, but religion and God never played a very important role in my life… till now. Suddenly God decided to make his presence felt, and I started feeling his might at every curve in the road of my life. So much so that I started talking about Him, and maybe even writing about Him, something which is very surprising to me, if not to Him too!
Gods greatest gift to anyone ever is people. You can be made happy with money, power, success, but if the people in your life are not the right ones, your happiness will never actually be complete. And hence the legendary stories of the rich lonely tycoons and the hungry happy beggars. But just sticking to the non extremities of the world, even to the common man, a bank assistant, a shop owner, a software engineer, happiness is defined by the people in his/her life. So it all boils to something as simple as this.. if God has been graceful enough to give you the right kind of people in your life, it doesn’t really matter how much you earn, or what you do, or how successful you are, in the end you will be a happy person. Because for a human being, it’s the people around that matter the most.

I guess I can say that I happen to be a fairly successful man till now. I’ve been lucky. I am not exactly an heir to unprecedented wealth, but I fall in the successful category amongst the common men I was telling you about, amidst the non extremities of the world. For my age, I earn more than most people do, and more than I had expected 3 years back. I have managed to fulfill all the criteria which the society has laid out for a man to be called successful.. I have the correct number of digits in my salary figure; I have the word ‘manager’ in my e-mail signature, and the name of a well known international company below it. I have the correct number and types of qualifications which society deems necessary, and I am abroad in the correct country, for an appropriate number of years. Hence I am a society certified successful person, but success per se, does not bring me any happiness. It brings me a lot of pride, satisfies my ego, partly quenches my eternal thirst of ambition. It boosts by self esteem and gives me the confidence to face the world. But it does not give me happiness. I wouldn’t say I am in the possession of a great deal of wealth, or power, but I am sure even these wouldn’t fetch me a substantial amount of happiness. What actually brings happiness to me are the people in my life. And with Gods grace, I am a happy man. I am successful, but that’s not relevant.. what matters more is that I am happy. And that is only because I have the right people in my life.

I heard a lot of people comment about what A.R.Rehman said during the Oscars “Mere paas Maa hai”... some found it weird. I didn’t, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Thanks to all those who surround me and bring happiness in my life! My happiness is because of you :).

Quote of the day: "You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted - Ruth E. Renkl".

1. Yes, I am in a philosophical mood, please bear with me...
2. Thanks to the person/people who cheered my blogging.. you made my day.. :)


  1. wow, you are sticking to your resolution so far...
    I'm surprised u found the time...

  2. Nice!! Finally... there is a blog I can read everyday. I didn't know you believe in God. I don't