Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Important things in life?

My schedule today:
8 to 9 am: Meeting
9 to 10 am: Meeting
10 to 11 am: Meeting
11 am to 12 pm: Meeting
12 to 2 pm: Lunch meeting
2 to 3 pm: Meeting
3 to 4 pm: Meeting
5 to 6 pm: Meeting
6 to 6.30 pm: Meeting
6.30 to 7.30 pm: Check mails
Most meetings are with different people at different locations!
Its 7.43 pm now, and I am still at work. Why? Because the internet at home is not working. Even as I type this I realize I have become a geek.
How important is internet in your life?
It holds a lot of importance in mine... in fact more than it should. I realized this today. Its late and here I am still at work. Because the internet at home is not working, and I cannot log on from home. Which makes me realize two things:
1. I am working more than I should. I shouldnt get distressed because I cannot log on from home. After I go home, I shouldnt think of logging on.
2. I am very dependent on the internet.
Both of these things are not good and I dont want to be the IT geek. The IT genius maybe... or maybe even the IT wizard.. but NOT the IT geek. Hence, I will try to invest my time in more creative pursuits which do not involve staring at a screen (that rules out TV as well.. damn :) )

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