Monday, October 10, 2011

Nuggets of wisdom

They aren’t big chunks, nuggets they are, and small ones at that. But these are the random thoughts that have stirred my mind from time to time. Recently triggered from some heated discussions with various entities that I have chosen to call “friends” I decided to jot them down for the benefit of that far-off day when I shall not remember my own justification for having done or not done certain things. I actually wrote the headers as and when the thought struck me, and then thought it might be a good idea to elaborate, for my own good. Hence they might seem random to you, actually they do to me too. But sometimes random things, just like the sunscreen song, make sense when someday you can look back and join the dots. So let this be random for now.. till that someday when I do look back:

Everybody is somebody’s weirdo.

You are somebody’s weirdo too, so stop judging others. A lot of people genuinely don’t believe this. They genuinely believe that they are “normal”. I live in a country which has a culture of “lagom” which in Swedish means to do everything in moderation in order not to be “abnormal” in anyway. Except that they don’t understand that the entire concept of “normal” is relative. And its inevitable that the way you are, no matter just how impeccably you have behaved and existed as per your code of conduct, is still extremely weird for someone somewhere. Because the code of conduct varies. And stop thinking that you are in the majority. You have NO clue how many people live in China, or India.. or Africa for that matter.

Wishes and aspirations are exciting only till you achieve/get them

I was recently told someone that that person is envious of me. Envious of certain aspects about my life. It has not been the first time this has happened. I have been told to consider myself lucky. There are people who would give a hand and a leg to be where I am. To live abroad, to be able to travel around the world on such a frequent basis. To be financially so stable, to have a job I love so much and I am good at, etc etc. I have talked about this at length in a previous post, that I do appreciate the fact that I have all these things. But somehow, all of this is not as exciting now as it was when I was trying to achieve these things. Maybe I state the obvious, but hey, I didn’t know this, honestly. I thought that once I reach this point, I would have achieved the pinnacle of satisfaction and would not want anything else in life. Its quite the contrary. At least for some people, the mountain peak seems like a dream place from down below, and loses the charm of its superior height not too long after it has been scaled. Does this happen with everyone, or am I the weirdo here? The lesson here is, it’s so not worth being envious of anyone. Because only when you reach there, you will realize it wasn’t such a big deal.

You dont have to be a die-hard rock fan to appreciate rock music, though being a die-hard fan of anything always helps

Sounds weird to me now, this sentence, when I read it. Weird but true. I wanna go and shake up every person who is a die-hard fan of something and who doesn’t allow anyone else, who is not a die-hard fan, an opinion on the subject. The message is simple – yes, everyone appreciates passion, I look up to “die-hard-fan ship” but for heavens sake, stop monopolizing a topic of conversation or a discussion just because you are a die-hard fan. I am an IT management geek, and totally understand that non-IT folks might also have an opinion, I hope others do too!

People change, beliefs change, and there aren’t always tangible reasons you can put down in bullet points

I don’t know why there is always a big deal made out of this, or regarding the reasons for the change. For heavens sake people, grow up, and accept it as a fact of life. I am tired of being accused of changing. I am sorry but I do not have the aspirations I had when I was 10, and I don’t laugh at the same jokes as I did when I was 16. I am sorry if I do not harbour the same notions as I did when I was 20 or, gawk at blondes the way I did when I was 22. Oh yes, my beliefs about culture, people and life changed when I was in engineering college, then when I joined a job, then again when I pursued MBA and changed all over when I came to live in a foreign country. And yet they might not be the exact reason you might be looking for about why I changed. Maybe there are no reasons. Maybe time is the only reason. So stop giving me those accusatory looks when you seem me wearing a suit, because at some point of time I hated formal clothes. Stop laughing when I say I am a one-woman guy, just because I had a wild phase. Accept it, people change. And no, I will not highlight the negative changes in me as examples when I am talking about change :P

Enough of gyaan. It was more of a venting really. And a random one at that I must say. More interesting posts to come. Oh but wait, I keep forgetting that I have lost all my followers, this blog, for better or for worse, is all for me only :).

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  1. hmmm, interesting post. I have been reading you for quite some time now, and you have blogged about your work and travel a lot, thus I will not be surprised if people envy you. Who wouldn't? :)

    I had a smile on my face when I read the second last para. Most of the times we are stupid enough to believe that nothing changes between two people no matter what, and it is a justified assumption as you start liking a person in ANY relationship because of certain qualities. In most cases, we conveniently ignore the other things like age, circumstances, work pressure and such else so that we have the same person with us we liked year(s) ago. When you are at the receiving end of the blame of "you are changed", you find it irritating, and same thing seems totally justified when you are at the giving end. Again, this is just a general observation.

    One-woman guy is something to be proud of, why bother about people and their reactions/opinion?

    "No comments" is not same as "no readers/followers" :) oh wait, Merlin already knows that!

  2. Hey merlin, visiting your page after eons! That's a lotta venting!!

    "The message is simple – yes, everyone appreciates passion, I look up to “die-hard-fan ship” but for heavens sake, stop monopolizing a topic of conversation or a discussion just because you are a die-hard fan."

    LOL! you're right! people really should know when to shut up! been there, done that!

  3. For people who have traveled and lived in different places, acquainted different people, change is inevitable..But there are people on this planet who die with the same kind of a perspective with which they grew up..So, yes some people change do change, but I think not every one.. Although I also think that all the changes are for good, if not for others, at least for us...

    Interesting post altogether..