Sunday, July 11, 2010

Itz my birfday.. again!

is mah birfday where r caek, dammit!?
Picture reference: Lolcats

Yes, “again” because it’s the second time on the blog. The first time I wrote all about the kinda stuff I do and don’t do on my birfday, and then went about giving the link of that post to everyone who’d look at me ridiculously and say “But why the **** wont you tell us your birth date?!!” till the point where they couldn’t look at that lolcat pic anymore. I shall spare you the agony of repeating myself about my birthday dos and donts. And its boring to tell you what happened on my birthday because the point of it all is that nothing much happens anyway. But just for the record I like putting it up here that it was my birfday sometime back. And btw, stop asking me the date. Everyone has his “weirdities”, being secretive about my birth date is mine. At least you know I am a cancerian :).

Some people wished me and some people didn’t. Like always. There were some new ones who persevered in their attempts to find out my birfday (background applause) and some old ones who forgot it and then tried a comeback after my tongue-in-cheek FB status “Thanks guys for your wishes”. Yes I know, I am mean. But let me have my fun, for heavens sake, on my birfday at least. I anyway think there is too much importance being given to birthdays. I wouldn’t care, except for the fact that I like the gifts. Which, btw, reminds me that you haven’t given me one. Yeah, I told you I am mean :). Did I hear someone ask what the best gifts were? The best one was the Georgio Armani perfume, I honestly haven’t worn anything that expensive in my life, thanks a tonne to you-know-who. And Iya, thanks for the flowers which you ordered sitting in another continent!

So now that I have managed to tell you a lot about my birfday in spite of telling you I wouldn’t tell you anything, I shall reiterate my promise that you will find more of me on blogosphere nowadays. In spite of all the ardent speculations and disbelief about my proclamations of being here more often. It has been hot like crazy, I guess I had gotten used to the mild pleasant summers of Sweden. My Swedish friends look at me shock when I tell them that its hot, and I am like “Give me a break guys, just because I have lived in the 45 + degrees in Delhi and Nagpur does not mean that I wont feel warm in 30 degrees”

Things seemed to have calmed down at work mostly because its vacation time in Sweden. Some things are in the pipeline, like I am a part of a team that is designing a course for Stockholm University, will also be conducting the course with some colleagues in Spring 2011. Am also in touch with some professors from Stockholm University, have promised to “collaborate” with them by delivering some guest lectures in their courses. But the thing I was most surprised about was being invited as guest speaker for a conference being hosted by one of the Swedish organizations within my company. Its one of those fancy ones where the organization takes everyone on an exotic cruise and conducts sessions and seminars. I am of course honoured, but at the same time a bit hesitant. It is one thing to talk in front of students, that I have done and will do without batting an eyelid, its easy to talk about something you have done for a living for the past 6 years and are passionate about to people who don’t have the slightest clue about it. It is quite a different ball game however to talk about the same thing to people who have been in the industry for double the number of years, have very strong opinions about it, and are probably going to be asking questions which will really make one think. However I am taking on the challenge, and still think it is an honour to be invited as a guest speaker!

For those of you who are wondering how such boring things rock my boat, you need to understand the geek aspect of my personality. I have a tendency to be nerdy, and I am pretty unapologetic about it. I can surprise you more by saying at some point at the dusk of my life I plan to shift from the corporate to the academic life, which is not a choice made very often, and certainly not a choice pondered upon by people my age.

Which actually brings me to my age, and how relative it is. I like interacting with the “young” generation, thanks to my younger cousins and friends, and it is hilarious being looked upon as “old” by them. Amongst the innumerable disadvantages of working in an environment where nearly everyone is at least 10 years older to you, one of the very few advantages is that it always makes you feel really young. So all those homies who’ve been taking the cracks at me for getting old-er, guys give me a break, everyone around me is at least 10 years older, I feel like an infant. So spare me the “you’re nearly 30” lines, they really have no effect on me :P.

I’ll be up and around devouring my daily round of blogs, so long for now!


  1. Happy Birfday to you! :)
    God bless you.

  2. Belated Birfday Wishes :-)
    No!! I am not asking the birf date, but "Where is the cake?" :-P

    Age is all in the mind. :-) High 5! you feel like an infant. Continue that way!

    Belated wishes again. Cheers!

  3. Geek Merlin with a weirdity, we are north pole and south pole in this case..I announce my birthday on the top of my voice..I display it on fb, I call friends and remind them if they have forgotten to wish me, I fight with people close to me if they do not wish me, I blog ON my birthday saying it's my birthday today and I love - umm, well who does not like gifts ;)

    I had read the earlier post where you mentioned that you don't want anybody to wish u a belated birfday..thik hai, I won't wish you then :)

  4. I could almost swear the last few lines of the post were meant solely to prevent me from commenting on this blog post. For you are already using phrases like 'in the dusk of my life'. :D

    And while we are on the topic of birthday gifts. Pricey Merlin.

  5. funny quirk you have of not revealing your birthdate :)
    happy birthday!
    i have a quirk of guessing-
    Is your birthday around 2nd of july? :P

  6. Thanks everyone!

    S... wrong guess :)

  7. hey, happy birthday!! wishing you great times ahead..
    ahmm, same here, same social n/w site reveals the birthday and i keep a tab on who wished and who didnt;)
    let me guess your birthday, hmm "6th of july"?

  8. Happy bday man!

    You'll get ur gift when we get a party! ;)

    Have a blast!

  9. A belated happy birthday, Merlin!

  10. Happy Birthday mav, you are missed.