Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riga ahoy!

Have you had an occasion that you do not look forward to ... its an eventuality which you have not thought about? And then as the occasion draws near, you realize that its actually a good thing for you?

I planned a cruise trip to Riga, Latvia for my parents some time back. I have been to Latvia before, hence it was not something that was making me very excited. However now that I leave to board the cruise ship one hour, I am kinda looking forward to it, I think the trip will do me good. Any trip where I have no access to my work and laptop is always good!

The pic above is from my previous trip. If I can capture some nice ones this time, you will get to see them! Ciao... Riga ahoy!


  1. have fun while you are at it..:)

    PS: we do think alike you know..I comment on your blog only when I like the post..but the thing is that I usually like all your posts :)

  2. The good thing about holidays is any holiday is a good holiday. (If not while it lasts, in retrospect as a story to tell everyone)

    Riga somehow reminds me of Hunchback of Notre-Dame : A mix between the 1831 cover illustration from the first edition and the Disney version of the same.


  3. Enjoy! :)
    Bring back pictures.