Monday, June 14, 2010

People person? (Barca pics)

I am always disappointed in people. Never with what they do, or what they represent. Never with the roles they play, never with the responsibilities that they are supposed to fulfil, never with the positions they hold. I am never disappointed that the Project Manager didn’t manage the project, always that Mr. X could have managed the project better. I believe in people, not in how senior or junior they are. I trust in human beings, not human resources. And I have tried to change.. for three years and somehow I just cannot. I don’t know if this makes me more successful in what I do, or stops me from being more successful than I am. But I have realized I am a “people” person. Everything I do is driven by the people around me. Like when my friends discuss motivations, and someone says money, someone says type of job, someone says the company one works for and I always say the people whom I work with.... I strongly believe that when you enjoy doing what you do, with the people you like, success and money and the other things follow. In any given day, I do get a lot of joy from accomplishing a target, from meeting my goals, of a job well done, but I get the real “kick” out of life when the people I work with make my day. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to have learnt something from someone, from having taught something invaluable to someone, to have accomplished something together, or to have convinced the client to have brought something that makes both the client and me happy. To me its all about people.

And hence it is always a disappointment when people don’t measure up to expectations. You might say its not professional to be personal, but believe me in the consulting line, its all about personal relationships. Skill is a given, personal relationships differentiate the excellent consultant from the good consultant.

I am sorry for this weird tirade. Its just that I am tired and well.. yes.. you guessed it, disappointed and let down. By people at work. It is always a horrible feeling to put in your 100% and then be let down by others. I had an “ok” trip to Latvia, “ok” because the weather was not on our side, it was windy and rainy, with a choppy sea on the way to Latvia. I had planned to work from home today, but thanks to my overzealousness, a phone call made me just rush home straight from the cruise ship, have an express shower, change into formals and rush to office. And that is what perhaps always leads to my undoing. My overzealousness. I should keep it in control.

I suck at this. I shouldn’t blog when I am low I guess :P.
More when I am up and shining! I of course have to share my Riga trip pics, as planned. Till then, here are some Barcelona pics to drool over :) !!
(In real life I am so self obsessive about my pics, that it’s a shame that I cant put up pics of myself up here, but well.. that’s the cost I pay to keep this anonymous ;) )

Top pic reference:
(You can actually buy the mug!) :P


  1. I agree, if you like and get along well with the people that you work with, work becomes satisfying and productive.

    Beautiful photos. :)

    At times anonymity is a boon. :D

  2. oh doing such a thing for work is so so so stupid..and I am a stupid too!!!! let me not mention my story here!

    loved the images..

    and anonymity - yeah, I have seen you only are very well guarded under the shield of presence is way too obvious on blogs as well as social networking sites!!

    why am I ranting today?

  3. @ Jas: Thanks! Sometimes I think I should start a photo blog :)

    @ Neha: I like people who rant, that is why I am on blogosphere :)

  4. People at work..sigh! That is not always easy. We chose our friends but colleagues, especially difficult ones can be a real pain. I empathise with you:)

  5. I like keeping people happy and it ends up that I'm different with different people only to make them happy. I wonder sometimes if that fits into the defn of a 'people person'? Probably not.

    I love that last pic. In my mind, that frozen frame seems to be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good history book about the place.

  6. What an unique perspective on being a 'people's person'! This in fact, should be the right context for the term. Although, I don't know if we have a right to be disappointed with people. Disappointment comes from expectations, and I believe, it is unfair to expect. However, that is highly impossible, given today's competitive scenario. I guess all I can say is, don't let people bring you down, it's just not worth it!

    Btw, Barcelona's awesome! And yes, we will get in touch if, ever, I get to visit Stockholm again! :) Take care!

  7. liked the pics.. after seeing the pics went back to watch the movie fast-forward:)
    on being people's person, i agree on whatever you said.. but sometimes the system makes it tough to keep people sane n upbeat for work, you know no motivation to work or shall i start cribbing over QLC:( (yes, I am these days in such a phase)

  8. People ALWAYS ruin your day, your work, your plans for the next day. They always look for the perfect reason to save themselves, even if it's them who's been blissfully unprofessional and careless.

    Barcelona is amazing! I am dying to see all of Gaudi's work when I go there. I am off to study in London this September, so I hope to go. :D's a shame you've chosen to be anonymous on blogosphere. I'd have loved to see photos. Somehow real people's photos give their writing some more character, don't you think? Maybe you could email them. :D

  9. @ Panaroma: I always choose companies, projects and teams such that I am working with people i like working with.. so mostly they add to the happiness and not to the pains :) I hope the trend continues.

    @ Jil: I dont want to give unsolicited advice, but being someone else just to make someone else happy never works out. Id anyday prefer someone to be himself/herself rather than being someone and behaving in some way just to make me happy.
    The last pic IS my favorite one :)

    @ Mirage: Thanks.. and youve been to stockholm! :O

    @ Wishes: Will await your special QLC post.. cmmon let it all out!! Guess what, i havent seen the movie, i know i should!

    @ R: Gaudi is GOD! Do visit Barca. No I dont send pics on mail :P

  10. Haha, you're being pricey.