Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today I have to borrow words... to fill the silence...

“Life is good, Andros,” Georgiou began. “I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I love my work, and we have enough clients. Whenever I have dreamed of setting out on an adventure, my father has given his blessing, and I have gone where I wanted. How is it, then, that I still have a wish, like some yeast fermenting beneath my skin, for something I cannot quite name? However good life appears to be, nothing ever seems to fill this gap.
- Chasing Rumi
I think I will get addicted to Cadburys.... they say that chocolates are not the best for your health... especially if they are too sweet. :sigh:


  1. Even the most reluctant of spice-addicts have a hidden sweet-tooth thingumajig going on :D. Who doesn't loves chocolates :)

  2. "However good life appears to be, nothing ever seems to fill this gap."
    Cant' agree more.

  3. eat and be happy..why worry? :D

  4. Cadbury's "Fruit and Nut" is my addiction, and it comes in dark as well! :)
    How have you been? I just returned from a 3 week trip to India, it was great. Did not want to return...

  5. Some voids are meant to remain... what will we look forward to otherwise?

    Btw, try Cadburuy's Silk, its pure velvet!

  6. Merlin, it's human nature. This need to strive for something else also can the driving force for seeking higher goals. But the art to be happy is to live in the now and enjoy it:)