Sunday, March 14, 2010

Itz mah birfday!

My blog completes one year. This day, one year back I started this blog. I was kind of sure that it wont last, my other "ventures" into web designing, online management research paper publishing and similar other internet frenzies fizzled out. But like I always say... blogging is my therapy.. it heals me. And so I lingered on in this space.

It has been quite a journey, not as impressive as the other 'blog celebrities' I know, but decently satisfying for me. 365 days, 83 posts, 13 followers and 2200 + hits (excluding my own). I would say - not bad. I just went back and read my first 3 posts, and it was nostalgia all over again. Things have changed so much, and then again, some things havent changed at all! Loved the first 3 posts HERE, HERE and HERE. I hope I feel the same things after one year when I reflect back on this post.

For those regular followers out here, yes, you have seen the same title and picture before, on MY birfday :), this is a repeat coz I love lolcatz so much!

Cheers, and I shalt celebrate this today!!

Lolcat picture references:


  1. congratulations for completing a year are 2 days senior to me..I complete a year on the 16th :)

    blog celebrities - hmmm, not everything that glitters is gold right? :D

  2. How can people love cats? :(
    I am shit scared of them...hate them.

    I was scared to even open this blog post when i saw the thumbnail, but then i opened it and with half-shut eyes, scrolled it down and read it.

    Congratulations :)
    Keep blogging but be regular :)

  3. Huppie blog buffdayy!!!!! hahahahaha

    you are so silly!! :D
    so much fun reading your blog! :D

  4. Cheers on the 1st! :) Shall we all get together and partay in the cyberspace!

    Lolcatz are definitely very funny!

  5. Happy birthday, Merlin's World!

  6. When surviving is success, the path shall extend ever the more.

    Wish you may more happy years of blogging.

  7. congratulations!!!
    hope to see many more anniversaries:)
    keep writing...

  8. This morning I walked into a professor's cubicle and felt least guilty about disturbing him because on his laptop screen was the LOLcats website. Eberiwun loues LOLCats!