Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloggers Block

Do you ever feel like writing about something, start off, and then lose the steam and dont feel like writing about it anymore?

Do you ever sit down to write a poem, pen it down, read it and find it absolutely intolerable and press SHIFT + DELETE? (in earlier times the poets would tear up the paper and throw it away)
Do you ever write a mail to a friend, read it, think it is intolerable, then remember that your friend is used to you being so intolerable and still send it?
Do you ever write a sob story about your life, then write a continuation of it, rewrite it, rewrite it again, and finally delete the whole stuff?
Do you ever write an essay for school, reread it and decide its better to not submit anything rather than submit the piece of crap you have just written?
SIGH. In all probability the answer to all of the above is a No. Its only wierd people like me who have such wierdieties. Since I started blogging in March, there must have been more than 50 times in 5 months when I started writing a post, then midway lost steam and just crumpled it up and pressed SHIFT + DELETE. Thats just me.
Why have I put up the pic with the LinkedIN statistics?
a. Because I am a self-obsessed show-off and a narcissistic jerk
b. Because I have become a complete geek and a nerd, and my professional profile is all I have in life
c. Because I do not understand that everyone on LinkedIN probably has the same statistics
d. Because I have seen too many girls show off about their number of visitors on Orkut, LinkedIN is my only way of getting back at them
e. Because I think I have arrived just because I have great LinkedIN statistics.
f. All of the above
You can take your pick from any of the above options. I select option f.
No, I am not one of those sugar coated bloggers who blog only happy emotions or deep and intellectual thoughts, sometimes my posts are mean and sarcastic. Yes, I had a bad day. Hope tomorrow will be better.


  1. Like you said in the last line of your post, I hope you feel better tomorrow :)

  2. Hmmm....It happens with me when i try to think and write,like an activity ...:(

    Yeah ,bt i keep them in drafts when i lose my stream ..

    How ya doing? Take care and have a Great Day ahead..!

  3. Tomorrow will be a better, brighter and happier day.
    God bless :)

  4. Hope you have a better today :).

    P.s. Sometimes its better to click the "send" or "publish" button . Atleast that way its out of your system. And as like said... not everything has to suger coated. :)

    Once again, Hope you have a better today and tomorrow.

  5. i lost my comment :(

    all i wanted to say was you sure will have a good day tomorrow..

    and i never do shift+del no matter what.. i always hit the publish/send tab..and in some stupid times have faced the consequences too..

  6. hope you have a good day n tomorrow...
    n regading the 'wierdieties':) that you mention, i think i am moderate as compared to you as unlike you, i never tore down my creativity for i beleive someone(read myself) ll definitely appreciate ;) it after some time..

  7. I can relate to a lot of crumpling, i.e. shift+ delete! :)
    Have one too many drafts on my blogger!

    lol@ d!

    Feel better...{{{sending happy vibes your way}}}.

  8. all I wanna say is tht - duh, you ain't the only weirdo around..:)

  9. I usually don't delete posts but I start out writing about one thing and then by the time I'm finished it's about something completely different. That's almost the same, right?