Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sometimes in life you are looking for something and you do not know what you are looking for. Sometimes, the thing you are looking for is right under your nose, but you fail to see it.

Sometimes it takes a bad phase in your life to come and make you realize that you dont need to go very far in your search for the things you have always wanted.

Sometimes it is right there in front of you, and all you need to do is to walk and claim what has always been yours.

Why do some things elude us till we stop running after them, and then they just come fluttering to us? So calmly, so easily, as if they were always meant to come to us. Why do we sometimes think that something is very important to us, and losing it realize it isnt? Why on losing something that we thought was important, we realize that something totally different is much more precious, and we have never realized it?

I was going through a rough patch. Rough is a relative word. Maybe my rough was not as rough as that of some people I know, some blogs I follow. When I look around me, I see people going through worse situations, and being brave about it. It gives me the strength to be brave in my situation.

There are some things in life I am unlucky with. On the other side, there are some things I am very lucky with. In the end it balances out. Or maybe tilts a little bit more on the lucky side. In the end life just happens.

Sorry for the abstract thoughts. I will not be able to answer tags or write "happy" posts, not for some time. Bear with me. I have been rescued by an angel, and I consider myself very lucky. I need to ensure that the angel stays beside me forever. And I hope the angel realizes how much being rescued means to me.

Pic: Taken with a stupid automatic digital camera by yours truly. Location: Prague.


  1. :)
    abstract or concrete - you've delivered a beautiful post yet again..

  2. stumbled upon ur blog and sigh, u seem to be in sync with what i feel or have been feeling oh-so completely...abstract they may sound, but they bring a thought much closer to home, and that is, a bad phase can make you see life for what is..

  3. Amen.

    Hmm...this is a beautiful post.
    Hope things get better soon :)
    Take care

  4. take a bow Merlin..very honest post...I am sure your attitude will change things to positive for you soon enough..

  5. Well written Merlin. Attitude, I would say.

  6. i hope the angel be always with you..
    n i hope you are now back to your good self again..

  7. n yes, you have been tagged!!
    ( i know you have mentioned about your inablity to respond to tags but hey, its a new day):))

  8. hey my first visit here!! Wel written! Nice thoughts!N hope to read more frm u..keep writing...cheers mate!

  9. Very well written Merlin..Positive note in your thoughts keeps you move ahead..:)Take care

    God Bless.!

  10. Well said. Abstract thoughts sometimes make more sense than anything else.

  11. You've been tagged!, dude :)
    Please check the following link:

  12. I sometimes wonder whether life's about chasing dreams or chasing reality... but one thing's clear - it is a chase, a never-ending one.

    Good luck with your angel!

  13. Very well written. And I pray to God that may your angel stay behind you forever :).

  14. Liked your kinda write from the heart

  15. I know you are not big on tags but would love to know your fifty first thoughts...Here are mine in case you're interested :)

  16. First of all, what a gorgeous photograph. It's somehow fitting that someone with the username Merlin would use a photograph of Prague. In seeing pictures from around the world, I've always thought that if magic is possible, it is most likely to happen in Prague. It's something about the wealth of statues there. Magic paused.

    I like your blog, and I enjoy free form, abstract thoughts.

    I hope things get better soon. What was the last significant problem you faced? Don't tell me, tell yourself what it was. The important thing is that if you can answer the question, it means you are now looking back at the problem, having passed it by, having gotten through it.

    Someday, whatever is troubling you now will be like that. A life you look back at over your shoulder. Take care.