Thursday, June 18, 2009

A short day.. and a short post

The pic is old (a month back), a small thing I forgot to talk about because I was busy about the bigger things. We played football with our clients. We lost 3-1. No, it was not because the client is always right and should always win. Last year we had won 4-0. This time they genuinely played better than us, and had a better team. I will practice and make sure we win next time. Or maybe next time we should play Volleyball, we have a much better team there, and we practice everyday, they wont stand a chance! :)

Day was good and short today. Not literally, days are really long now in the literal sense, it doesnt even start getting dark before 11pm. LOL. Remember reading about Summer Solstice? This is what its about. Soon, we will have the longest day.. when the sun sets (there isnt any night, just dusky for some time) and then rises in one hour. There is a long weekend ahead, its a Swedish festival called Midsommar. No plans yet, except relaxing and getting back in control. And hopefully some quality blogging :)

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